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Metallschlauch- und Kompensatorentechnik GmbH

MSP as contractual partner for the Middle East

Founded in 1978, RATTAY is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of metal hoses and compensators. All technically realizable metal hoses and compensators are produced according to the specifications of individual customers in the company’s own factories. Metal hoses with a diameter of 6 to 250 mm and up to a length of 250 m are practicable, which can be used in high and low temperature applications. Available in heated and reinforced forms, compensators are manufactured in triangular, rectangular and multi-angular forms, with diameters of up to 15 m. Comprehensive service, consulting and inspections all belong to the product portfolio of the company.


MSP as contractual partner for Germany and the Middle East

The company SPORER PCS is a medium-sized enterprise with more than 20 years experience in the area of cleaning and pre-treatment technology for parts, e.g. degreasing, removing paint, conservation, passivation, phosphating. The spectrum ranges from a simple workshop washstand to a complete industrial flow system in several zones. The devices and equipment can be simply controlled manually, or operated by processor, freely programmable and remotely maintained on request. Whether you require a standard device or special equipment, MSP and SPORER will translate your individual needs into action. The company SPORER can carry our cleaning tests in-house and free of charge, in order to determine the optimal configuration of media and equipment. It is possible to rent testing equipment. We work closely with renowned manufacturers of cleaning chemicals and help you to select the most effective, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly media and methods. Maintenance, technical service and spare-part management round off the portfolio.

OLAER (Switzerland) AG

MSP as contractual partner for the Middle East

The company OLAER (Switzerland) is a medium-sized enterprise with its own in-house construction and manufacturing. In addition to hydraulic accumulators and pressure shock absorbers, OLAER also offers you diverse heat exchangers, cooling systems and chillers. The spectrum on offer also includes equipment for climate control in switch-gear cabinets, oil service devices and hydraulic filters. OLAER possesses programs on hydraulic accumulators and cooling calculations, with the help of which individual technical designs can be made for you. Qualified personnel are available for setting in operation, overhaul and repairs, along with a modern equipped workshop and an extensive spare-part store.

Blend+ GmbH

MSP as contractual partner for the Middle East

Blend+, a company located in Germany, develops and produces additive mixtures to customers’ specifications in various handling forms for the polymer industry. The company realizes complex and multi-component formulations. A pilot test facility for formulations with an additive mix & granulation process is available. If you need support relating to questions you may have, we will gladly help you with the expert knowledge we have acquired resulting from many years of experience.