A new parts cleaning machine for the company Kluthe


We conceptualized and implemented a facility to clean parts for the technical centre of the company Kluthe GmbH’s chemical works in Heidelberg, in cooperation with the firm Sporer PCS. For the broad spectrum of requirements in the technical centre, a versatile system needed to be built compactly. In this facility we were able to install sprays, flushes and injection-flutes for cleaning purposes. It is possible to raise the spraying pressure up to 6 bar, and the median temperature can be held at 75°C. The substrates to be cleaned are fixed in the placement-basket, which can be rotated and swivelled, and the cleaning procedures are programmed individually. Post-treatment of the substrates (VE-water-flushing, corrosion protection etc.) can also be carried out in the same facility. Drying after the cleaning process is integrated into the system as well. This facility was successfully put into operation and has been used until today, also by diverse customers of the company Kluthe for cleaning experiments.