Cleaning Parts and pre-treatment

MSP is an innovative and competent engineering company with decades of experience in mechanical engineering and systems construction. We develop and realize cleaning and pre-treatment systems for the treatment of metals and plastics, customized to your needs.

Reasons for cleaning parts

Pre-treatment, or more precisely “pre-treatment of surfaces“, comprises not only cleaning parts, but also the creation of conversion layers (e.g. phosphating), or passivation layers. Unwanted dirt on the surfaces of the work-piece or component part must be removed before these can be worked on further. Adherent grease, emulsions, etc. arising from production are removed from the surface in the framework of degreasing. In the same way dust, shavings, etc. must also be removed with the appropriate cleaning agents. Cleaning parts is unavoidable if the work-pieces (“substrates“) are to be subjected to lacquering, coating or galvanizing. Moreover, cleaning parts serves as an interim cleaning for further assembly stages, or as a final cleaning.
Conversion layers, thin, non-metallic layers on the surface of the work-piece as a result of a desired chemical reaction, are an important foundation for the following coatings and considerably improve resistance to corrosion of the treated material. Passivation prevents, or retards the corrosion of metallic surfaces and can be specifically produced in respective pre-treatment systems.
Applying the needed conversion or passivation layers can, if desired, be combined with the necessary parts cleaning in one installed system.

Work-pieces – Substrates – Geometries

The material to be cleaned or pre-treated, also described as a “substrate“, ranges from slightly or un-treated work-pieces, through sheet-metal blanks, stamped or pressed parts, to pre-assembled or ready-assembled construction parts. Thereby the geometries of the work-pieces can vary from simple to highly complex.

Loading/feeding and sequence of cleaning parts / pre-treatment

Feeding the cleaning and pre-treatment systems is carried out, according to the desired through-put, purely manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically. It is also possible to incorporate robots, adapted to the timing of the existing or planned system.
The sequencing of the cleaning or pre-treatment process can, in the simplest case, be in one step, complex cleaning processes can follow in 10, 15 or more steps. The individual steps in the case of multiple-chamber systems are usually:

Pre-cleaning -> main cleaning -> rinsing -> dripping off -> drying.

In this procedure the application of corrosion protection, or phosphating can also be integrated. All the steps, dwell times and temperature controls are individually programmed and thereby adapted to the respective requirements.

Tailor-made Systems for your production processes

We understand and cope with the constantly rising requirements for the cleanliness of the substrate surfaces for subsequent coating or further processing with comprehensive and targeted solutions, functionally embedded in your individual production process. In addition we can offer you tailor-made single-chamber systems, up to multiple-zone systems – partly with patented circulating pump movements (“Super Wave“) – either as a standard system, or individually customized to your requirements and your existing process. Among our customers we have small tradesmen’s operations, up to large-scale industrial enterprises.

Sustainable chemicals and recycling

Necessary pre-trials and the selection of suitable cleaning and pre-treatment chemicals are also part of our service. Of course we focus on environmental compatibility, recyclability and sustainability in our considerations and will gladly show you how the disposal and recycling of the utilized chemicals can be achieved in an environmentally neutral and cost-saving way. We are also happy to advise you on the necessary treatment chemistry which you need to achieve your objectives.
We are not afraid of the “all-round multi-purpose device“! We look forward to hearing from you!